Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our crazy, fun and profitable idea to provide visiting fans with a positive Gameday experience and local fans with a brand new way to make money. The concept is pretty simple, but it can take a bit of explaining. Please review the following FAQ segment. If you don’t see the answer to your question there, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will be happy to help.

Who can be a ‘Gater?

Anyone eighteen years and older can be a ‘Gater. If you have the equipment being sought by a visiting fan, a vehicle for transporting it and the funds to pre-purchase the food and pay the parking fee, then you can be a ‘Gater. Gaters are the heart and soul of Gaters are our partner providers of tailgate packages.

How do I become a ‘Gater?

A person interested in becoming a ‘Gater provides all the information and photos necessary to properly market the tailgate package they are offering. By filling out the form on our website and using the upload link to post photos you will be on the radar of thousands of visiting fans.

How soon can I begin renting my equipment?

Once you provide us with the necessary information, will create a Gater Profile to be made available online for any and all games/venues/events in which the you are interested in renting out equipment. Once the profile is created, we will send it to you for review. Upon your approval, we will post your profile and market your equipment to any and all Tailgaters expressing an interest in the games you in which you are available.

Do only fans already on the site see my ‘Gater profile?

No. We will market all of our ‘Gaters through many channels including online and traditional mediums.

What happens when someone wants to rent my Tailgate Equipment?

The Tailgater selecting your equipment package will simply check out and utilize our payment system to place a 50% down payment. You will be notified immediately and your profile will be “ghosted out” to indicate that it is reserved.

Why do you “ghost out” my profile once it is reserved?

We want people to be able to still see your profile so they can keep it in mind for future events.

When will the balance be due?

Exactly one week prior to the event, will charge the Tailgater for the balance due.

What time should I get there? offers our tailgaters the maximum tailgate experience. This means our ‘Gaters are some of the first vehicles onsite. This insures that our Tailgaters enjoy a legal, convenient location to enjoy themselves.

What is my responsibility on GameDay?

Gaters, once retained for an event, are responsible for all aspects necessary for providing everything agreed upon in advance with the Tailgater. This may include a vehicle (locked), parking pass, agreed upon food and non-alcoholic beverages, canopy, grill with charcoal or gas, chimney/lighter fluid, lighter, utensils, oven mitts, towels, folding table w/table cloth, napkins, plates and cutlery, ice chests, bags of ice, cups, Blue Tooth compatible, battery powered speaker, camping chairs, condiments, side dishes, trash can, games and, maybe, a football.

Please note, the ‘Gater is responsible for parking fees and insuring that the vehicle is parked in a area in which tailgating is permitted. if the ‘Gater fails to park in a area of the lot in which tailgating is permitted, they will not be paid for their services. The customer will be refunded their fees in full. Please note, the ‘Gater is responsible for providing food, ice and non-alcoholic beverages. Please take PreGame photos of your vehicle and equipment.

Do I have to set up the equipment?

This is entirely up to you. Your profile will let the tailGater know what you do and don’t do. So feel free to promise whatever you like. Setting up (usually just putting out chairs, etc.) may be the difference between your profile being selected or not. You will most likely have to break it all down, though. TailGaters usually head to the game in a rush!

How do the TailGaters know where I parked?

Communication between the ‘Gater and the TailGater takes place on Gameday via cell phone communication. Texts work best. Once you have secured your location, text the location in the lot to the TailGater and stand by until they arrive.

What are my responsibilities once the TailGater is onsite?

Just greet them, explain to them how to use any and all equipment. Inspect the vehicle and the equipment with them to identify any existing damage or issues of which they may need to be aware and then you can go on your way. TailGaters are instructed to also take photos to insure that any claims made after the event can be settled in a fair manner.

When can I pick up the equipment?

The vehicle and equipment may be picked up as soon as the game begins.

What if the equipment gets damaged?

You may want to purchase your own insurance for your equipment, however, most policies require a deductible that exceeds most damage claims. If you want to seek compensation from the TailGater, take a photo and document the damage. No need to get in to any discussions with the TailGater on site, we will contact them and forward your concerns. We will want to compare your pre-event photos with the post event photos, to insure that the damage occurred while the tailgater was in possession of your property.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can charge?

No. It really depends on how much you value your time. We recommend $500 for a standard tailgate. This will usually net you $300 after our 25% commission, the cost of food, ice, non-alcoholic beverages and the parking lot fee. If you feel that your tailgate is worth more or less, you can charge what you like and let the market decide

Can I work directly with the TailGater?

Communication between the ‘gater and tailgater is encouraged only on GameDay. If you’d like us to communicate an added value to your standard package, we are happy to do so. We can present any price you’d like for their consideration. Please do not make arrangements outside of the system as doing so will result in a ban for both parties.

Can I provide a customized experience for the TailGater?

Yes. If the tailgater requests upgraded food or equipment, you can charge them whatever you two agree is fair. For example, if your profile provides hot dogs but you can also provide steaks, feel free to present that as an option. Likewise, if the TailGater requests an upgraded feature, we will contact you to see if you are interested in providing the upgrade and how much you’d like to charge.

Can I cook my famous chili for them?

No. Only professionally prepared and packaged foods may be provided. This insures that the strictest food safety standards are maintained.

When Do I get Paid?

As soon as the TailGater accepts delivery of the package, ask them to notify us and we will forward payment to your PayPal account



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