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BMG Records, Mexico

El futuro, No esta en el ayer / EP

Managing/Director: Antonio Caballero
Release date: June 12th, 2007.

  • Art Design
  • Project management
  • Photography and Video Director
  • Choreography Story Board
  • Audio Engineering
  • Production and Post-production
  • Visual Effects Design

Volverte a Ver

The challenge was to create a dynamically stunning video that would capture the excitement of the live performance. This required careful planning and execution, as well as working closely with the label and the location team. The end result was a captivating video that perfectly captured the energy and emotion of the song’s location. Volverte a Ver is an incredible live performance, and the video does it justice. It is a must-see for fans of the BMG record label artists.

No está en el Ayer

The goal in producing the video clip for the song No está en el Ayer, for the BMG label, was to create a high-energy, visually exciting clip that would showcase the song’s catchy rhythms and melodies. To achieve this, our team focused on creating a strong visual concept and storyboard and then brought it to life with creative direction and choreography. The result is a vibrant and fun clip that perfectly complements the song.


We gained valuable experience in this video clip production, direction, and choreography no doubt. We acquired an understanding of the importance of working closely with the artist to capture their vision for the final product. You can see the difference in the face of the artist’s performance when their input is valued as much as the label’s vision for them.

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