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On Sep 15, 2023, check our
Creative Project Management Booklet’s Series

  • Color Selection

    Color foundations & guidelines. Brand communications best practices
  • The Art of Branding

    Basic elements of meaningful connection
  • Consumer Behavior

    Guidelines to analyze and plan your project in your target market segment
  • Creative Management

    A foundational guideline for creative management in advertising and media
  • Creative Visualization

    Guidelines to maintain focus on creative production lines and development
  • Editorial Design

    Foundations and guidelines for an editorial design best industry practices
  • Font Selection

    Guidelines to select a proper font for a company communication channels
  • Logo Design

    Descriptive guide for a company in search for a suitable icon representation
  • Naming Process

    Descriptive guide for a company, product or service name and what it does
  • Print Design

    A basic guide for color, ink and paper design techniques for printing materials

Other Article Publications

Impact vs Meaningful

One factor that is often overlooked in design is the role of neuroscience in design experiences. The element that  stimulate the senses and encourage positive interactions.

Mental Objects

In design thinking, understanding how mental representations work can be particularly useful to create products, experiences and communications that are more likely to be successful.

Prototype: objects to systems

Through prototyping, designers can create tangible representations, ideas that can be tested and refined. This iterative process lead to more innovative and effective solutions.

Book Coming Soon…

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Guides for Color and Audiences

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