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The journey in which we met !

Hi, my name is Antonio Caballero. My story is not as streamlined as many other Graduate School candidates, but it will give you an overview of my commitment to join Graduate School, even if I do not get accepted right away… my persistence and hard work will help me to join you in the pursuit of a better society and sustainable enhanced human experiences. I hope you enjoy to know a little of me, my interests, and some strengths in the pursuit of high accuracy in social research.

Thank you for your time!

We do not see things as they are,
We see things as we are!

Translating research for extended audiences

The degrees listed below are a compilation obtained within the last 4 years between Community College and Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degrees, Graduate School and Ph.D. candidacy! 

Why Neuroscience & Psychology?

The basis for Experiential Physiology…

… are the cornerstones for human social interactions, and an emotionally balanced life, organic and cognitive alike. Therefore, I have mapped basic venues of personal interest in research about biophotonic human memory-encoding; aside from coding Neural Systems for machine-learning, and voice recognition.

(Similar to the voice you heard in the introduction video).

Research & Development

Over photonics interactive based procedural memory when stored in the brain’s basal ganglia and cerebellum.

Emotions and Cognition

Neural systems involved in cognition and emotion can help people suffering from depression or anxiety.

User Experience

Mapping earliest stages of memory encoding like sensory memory. The type of memory that allows us to briefly store simple sensations.

Trend Forecasting

Average person has memory capacity of approximately 11 terabytes; long road to understand user focus and engagement span. 

Intended future research

The use of live data, spatial analysis, iterations, and research.

A continuum learning process.

Longitudinal correlation

I collect data from user interactions, stimuli, and intentions correlating it with live data from public records in financial and metrics applications.

Cross Sectional correlation

I define a user/ping plot radius of geofencing analysis to retrieve metrics in relationship to patterns, scalability and forecasted trends on user preferences.
GIS Live Sample

mind-wandering & prototyping

Getting the mind to explore

I want to use my future intended research in light-based physiological/sensorial memory encoding involved in near future human development challenges like Biophotonic, Bioimaging, and Biotechnological interactions with new augmented and extended reality technologies.

These emerging industries will engage & impact our organic development and relational experiences, including the physical realm using new organic-based structural materials involved in architecture, manufacturing & sustainable design.

(Click the AR icon on the right to see the 3D model in your phone)

A closer examination of the active and dynamic process within the mind leads to a much more aspirational and inspirational understanding of human experiences than our traditional reactive view.

Outer Experiences

From forecasted trend in materials and human spaces interactions we can draft upon future demand more than just reactive planing, reaching a more sustainable planned obsolescence.

This aspirational understanding opens doors for those like me interested in either neuroscience or psychology as it provides another avenue of exploration which unites these two disciplines.

Interior experience

Trends in manufacturing and sustainable processes have reach a change leading to SLS or 3D Printing technologies in living materials for architecture, changing the visualization landscape.

Thank you for taking the time 
to connect

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