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Case Study


The goal about the brand, website, and interior design of the Sugar Baby’s Sweet Shop was to create a fun and inviting space that would make people want to come in and try the product. The interior design is meant to be playful and youthful, with pops of color throughout.

Palo Alto, CA


Sugar Baby / Sweet Shope


December – 2016

Service Rendered

  • Marketing & Research
  • eCommerce Store

  • Video Production

  • Interior Design

  • Product Shot

  • Web Design

Our interior design iterations focused on evoke a feeling of warmth and welcome vibe.

The goal was to create a space that would be inviting to both children and adults alike. The color scheme is light and airy, with pops of pastel colors throughout.

When producing the video reel we focused to showcase some great shots of the products, all styled in a similar way, with bright colors and simple backgrounds.

Interior Space Design
Video Production
Brand Iterations

Building the concept

The brand design aimed to be playful and youthful, with pops of color throughout accross the layout for a location easy to navigate. The photo shot’s tried to expose the products in a way that would make them look irresistible. We thought, all of these elements did come together to create a successful business!

The product layout was meant to showcase the products in a fun inviting way as to make them look appealing to potential customers while showing off the variety of colors and flavors available. The furniture style end up with child-sized product access, which makes the space feel both fun and inviting.

Old Candy Store Design

Country Style Basket Containers

Toy Store Shelves

To give potential customers a sense of what they will find inside the store; we featured the color contrast above context. The photo shots are simply beautiful, and they help to sell the a taste of products the store offers.

The client requested to show off the store’s shabby chick presence, featuring the Christmas baskets and candy products in a way that would make them look irresistible, with a website easy to navigate. 

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
Helen Keller

All Time American
Sweet Shop

  • Shabby Chic Style
  • Christmas Baskets Focused
  • Clover POS Store Configured

User-friendly website, ecommerce store and back end management integrated with CLOVER POS. The web featured product was the Christmas baskets with a Shabby Chick design.

Holiday Baskets

See Website Prototype

Prototype to Systems

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