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Right View

Provides a sense of multidirectional decision making and seduces for a second view to know more of what is inside.

Way-finding Object

The central monolith and structure aims to provide traffic directions to the building entrances/exits.

The design intention of uncomfortability comes from the un-regulated soundbox, black color void, and the simulation of a rib carcass laying on the grass.

Aerial View

I aimed to create a continuity language with geometrics forms that would relate to directional voids…unfortunately not enough time available 🙁

Ways In

Way finding that as walking through the grass or pavement shows the entrance/direction to the Capitol of the U.S.

I Why I

One of my model priorities was to create a mirror (inside/out) wayfinding object of awareness, to promote self responsibility to visitors and residents alike. Not: “Why This Happens To Me/Us”, but instead: “Why I am like I am?”

Sonic Box

An element of uncomfortability that while wind pass through the cone it could reverberate or whisle.


Transition of Kinetic Emotive Memories
Fall 2020

According to cognitive science encoding is a process in which the brain reinforces the object representation of our focus for memory recovery. In order for this to happen it has to be meaningful. A mnemonic object makes the experience personal, relatable and transferable.

The objective of this INTERVENTION model is to create a mirror reflexion experience of self during our current social disturbances, and with it providing a simplified way out of the uncomfortable feelings of social unrest, self bias, and peer pressure… a unique survival mantra:

“Live On”

Based on three E’s of trauma: Event, Experience, and Effect from The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a traumatic experience has long lasting effects at the individual/societal level, but it variates from each person in influence and the weight it carries over time.

I designed a walk through the  phases of conflict to resolution to carry out a digestive tool of the traumatic event instead of leaving to the individual the recovery task by themselves. 

A directed closure, in a way!


The design is a modular structure for easy assembly.
The audience experience must be:

  • OPEN

Aims to promote:


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

George Santayana

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